13 Engaging Activities for Kids Beyond TV Watching

Let’s face it; we all occasionally resort to using the television as a babysitter. However, relying too much on TV can hinder a child’s ability to entertain themselves independently. If you’re looking to reduce TV time in your home, here are 13 TV-free activities that are sure to captivate your kids and provide you with a well-deserved break.

1) Make Paper Airplanes

Unleash your child’s creativity by exploring the art of paper airplane making. Provide them with a book on the subject and watch as they embark on an addictive paper-folding adventure.

2) Build a Tower with Toothpicks and Peas

Encourage your kids to play with their food constructively. This simple yet entertaining activity promotes creativity and dexterity.

3) Create Homemade Ice Cream

Engage your child in a delightful culinary experience by making homemade ice cream. With a few ingredients and a bit of effort rolling a can back and forth, they can enjoy the sweet rewards of their creation.

4) Explore with a Magnet

Give your child a magnet and challenge them to explore the house, discovering what sticks. Loose change and hidden treasures become fair game in this magnetic adventure.

5) Turn Bunk Beds into a Submarine

Transform the lower bunk of bunk beds by draping blankets around it, creating a submarine. Add a touch of creativity by choosing a yellow blanket and singing a fitting Beatles tune.

6) Play First Family Savings and Loan

Encourage financial awareness with this imaginative game. Supply your kids with canceled checks, fake credit cards, a calculator, and Monopoly money to run their fictional savings and loan.

7) Build a Mini Log Cabin with Twigs

Inspire creativity by challenging your child to construct a mini log cabin using twigs. This hands-on activity connects them with nature and sparks their imagination.

8) Host a Tic-Tac-Toe Tournament

Turn a classic game into a family tournament. Simple, engaging, and perfect for multiple rounds of friendly competition.

9) Make Your Own Soda

Explore the world of DIY beverages with an easy soda recipe. A fun and tasty project that provides a refreshing break from screen time.

10) Craft a Card for Grandma

Encourage artistic expression by creating personalized greeting cards for loved ones. Break out the rubber stamps, art supplies, and construction paper for a delightful crafting session.

11) Bake a Cake

Introduce your kids to the joys of baking with an easy cake or brownie mix. The promise of enjoying their delicious creation motivates them to clean up the kitchen mess.

12) Organize a Treasure Hunt

Combine excitement and exploration by hiding cheap dollar store toys and creating a treasure hunt. Provide a list of items to find outside, and reward them with an exciting prize when they complete the hunt.

13) Construct a Cave Inside the House

Transform ordinary household items into a magical cave. Drape old blankets over chairs or a table to create a tent, and let your child immerse themselves in reading scary stories with a flashlight.


These activities offer a delightful alternative to TV, fostering creativity, imagination, and family engagement. Implementing a variety of these ideas ensures that your child remains entertained without relying solely on screen time. Get ready for quality family moments and a break from the television routine.


Q: How can I make the paper airplane activity more engaging? A: Invest in a book that showcases different paper airplane designs, turning it into an exciting and educational experience for your child.

Q: What precautions should I take during the toothpick and pea tower activity? A: Ensure that your child handles toothpicks carefully and monitor the activity to prevent any accidents.

Q: Can I incorporate learning into the homemade ice cream activity? A: Absolutely! Discuss the science behind freezing and share the joy of creating a tasty treat through a simple chemical reaction.

Q: Are these activities suitable for different age groups? A: Yes, most of these activities can be adapted to suit various age ranges with slight modifications for safety and engagement.

Q: How can I make the treasure hunt more challenging? A: Adjust the difficulty level by hiding items in specific locations or incorporating clues that require problem-solving skills.

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